Monday, 06 July

BNI denies Agordzo’s wife, lawyer access

ACP Dr Agordzo


The Bureau of National Investigations on Tuesday, 5 November 2019 denied the lawyer and wife of ACP Dr Benjamin Agordzo, who has been detained for his alleged involvement in a coup plot, access to the senior police officer.

His lawyer, Mr Martin Kpebu told the media in various interviews that he had been there since morning but was not allowed to see his client.

According to him, ACP Agordzo’s wife, who went to the BNI’s office around 6: 30 a.m. was also denied access to her husband.

ACP Dr Agordzo has been charged with treason in connection with the recent alleged coup plot to destabilise Ghana.

The former Director of the Transformation Office of the Ghana Police Service has been held at the BNI for the past couple of days.

He is alleged to have offered some assistance to the alleged lead coup plotter Dr Frederick Yao Mac-Palm and some eight other suspects including military officers, who have also been charged with treason.

Dr Agordzo and another top police chief COP Nathan Kofi Boakye have been questioned in connection with the matter.

ACP Dr Agordzo’s lawyer, Mr Martin Kpebu told the media that his client’s interrogation on Monday largely centred on a contribution he made on a WhatsApp platform created by the nine other suspects, to the effect that the conditions prevailing in Ghana were conducive rife an Arab Spring-like outburst.

ACP Dr Agordzo has been denied bail.