Tuesday, 22 June

C/R: Prophetess who helped dad bury son alive arrested

Prophetess Ama Nkansah

The presiding prophetess of Christ First Word Church International in Gomoa Eshiem in the Central Region has been arrested for being an accomplice in the murder of a one-and-half-year-old boy called Kwame Adobaw.

Some opinion leaders of Gomoa Ajumako effected the arrest of prophetess Ama Nkansah, 64, and sent her to the Asikuma police station on Monday, 1 June 2021.

The suspect has been detained to assist with investigations.

Prophetess Nkansah is believed to have told a man identified as Paul Adobaw, popularly known as Kojo Okor, to bury his child alive in his backyard because he was a cursed baby.

Kojo Okor, who is married to one Yaa Atta at Brakwa, has five children.

The buried-alive child, who had been lame since birth, was the fourth.

When the child’s father consulted the prophetess about his son’s lameness, she claimed the boy was a spirit-child of the river gods that needed to be sent back to the deities to avert the birthing of more such babies by the coupled.

The boy’s father and the prophetess, thus, conspired to bury the child at the banks of a stream called Gyankobeng.

They dug a grave, performed some rituals on the child and buried him alive.

When the incident was reported to the police, the body was exhumed, washed and carefully inspected by the police.

Blood was found oozing from the nostrils and the mouth of the child’s body.






Source: classfmonline.com