Thursday, 30 May

Kwahu Bepong clash: 71 suspects arrested so far

A man in handcuffs

The Ghana Police Service has apprehended an additional forty-six individuals in connection with the attacks on the Bepong Chiefs' palace and police officers in Kwahu Bepong, Eastern Region.

This follows the initial arrest of 25 people linked to the assault, bringing the total detainees to seventy-one. 

The suspects were involved in an attack on the Bepong Chief's Palace on February 4, 2024, resulting in injuries to seven people, including five police officers. 

Security and order have been restored in Bepong, and all the suspects will face legal proceedings. 

The police clarified that 40 detainees are identified as having roles in the attacks based on available evidence.

The incident unfolded when the police attempted to rescue an alleged suspect, Kwasi Tenkorang, accused of raping and murdering a 45-year-old woman in Adwumasu. 

The rescue mission led to a clash with the community, resulting in two deaths from alleged stray police bullets. 

The suspect was later arrested, sparking community outrage and an attack on the Chiefs' palace.