Friday, 17 September

Komenda SHS headteacher flogs girl 40 times until bottom badly bruised

File photo of a flogged student

A female student at Komenda SHS has been left with a badly lacerated and bruised bottom after suffering 40 cane strokes from her headteacher, Ama Sika, for leaving campus without an exeat.

Sarafina Mensah, a boarding student, along with a colleague student, went home on Sunday, 20 Juen 2021 for food.

After returning to the campus, the headteacher asked the two of them to kneel down as punishment.

In addition, the headteacher flogged Sarafina 40 times on her bottom, leaving her derriere sored and bloodied.

She reported to the hospital for treatment the following day after complaining to her housemistress about the ordeal.

The incident has been reported to DOVVSU for investigation