Friday, 21 February

Soul Clinic recognised in Westminster's celebration of Commonwealth

Soul Clinic International School has been acknowledged by the British Parliament in a commissioned book as part of activities to commemorate commonwealth history.

The book titled: "The commonwealth at 70; From Westminster to the world", pays tribute to icons from commonwealth states who have been able to distinguish themselves in representing the excellence that Britain stands for.

With many features spanning the different continents, the book contains details on government, the First British Empire, 2nd British Empire, Empire to Commonwealth, the Modern Commonwealth, Sustainability, Education & Training and Trade & Business.

Soul Clinic International School was featured on page 218, as part of the commonwealth's celebration of education.

In the feature titled: "Nurturing the soul", the school is depicted as fostering academic excellence by teaching a creative and wide-ranging curriculum. It presents a picture of students who are ready to compete with peers from across the world and aren't hampered by limitations.

Soul Clinic is presented as a serene environment, where the students lack eagerness to leave after the closing bell.

Speaking with the writer, the Executive Director of the school gave insights into its standard practices, its academic record with the IGCSE exams and supporting talent through extracurricular activities. According to Mrs Salwa McCaulley, "We want the children to look forward to coming to school".

The teaching staff are steady guides behind Soul Clinic's students, equipping them for the world, with the support of their parents against all the odds.

Soul Clinic said it is greatly honoured to be part of the prestigious documentation, as the school represents a new era in telling positive stories from the continent.

The school began 20 years after a political association of 53 member states, nearly all of them former territories of the British Empire, was formed.

With a rich history, Soul Clinic can be considered one of the Commonwealth's successes in education, as it has been recognised by Westminster in the celebration of 70 years of the Commonwealth.

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Source: David Apinga