Wednesday, 22 September

TUTAG declares indefinite strike over 'expired' conditions of service

echnical university teachers on strike


The Technical University Teachers' Association of Ghana (TUTAG) has declared an indefinite partial strike from Monday, 14 June 2021.

TUTAG, in a statement, indicated that its decision is a result of unfavourable conditions of service as well as the nonpayment of research allowance arrears and tier-two pension contributions for its members.

“The conditions of service for TUTAG members expired since 2006”, the statement said.

“We have since been engaging the government to get us a new conditions of service to no avail”, the group said.

“Though the government has agreed in writing that we are to enjoy the same conditions of service comparable to the traditional universities, that is yet to be implemented”, adding: “2018/2019 research arrears due TUTAG members has since been pending”.

“Tier-two pension payment for TUTAG members going on retirement has since not commenced despite repeated promises by government,” the statement added.

TUTAG, therefore, asked its members not to teach, invigilate, supervise students, mark examination scripts, submit results or attend meetings of the university.

The statement, however, urged TUTAG members to continue to render community service in their capacities as lecturers.