Monday, 24 January

UE/R: Sakorit KG & primary pupils learn on bare floor

Pupils of Sakorit

Pupils of Sakorit KG and primary school in the Talensi District of the Upper East region lack furniture, forcing them to sit on the bare floor for learning activities.

This came to the fore when Dagbon FM's reporter, Abdul Sammed Gurundari, visited the school on Monday, November 15, 2021. 

Gurundari reported that the pupils were lying on their stomachs to write.

The school authorities, however, refused to speak on the record because they claimed they needed permission from their employer before doing so.

A three-classroom block is hosting six different classes.

Each room has been partitioned with KG 1 & 2 in one room, classes 1 & 2 occupying one class and classes 3 & 4 also occupying one class.

The classrooms are overcrowded with little ventilation.

KG 1 has a pupil population of 35 while KG 2 has a pupil population of 37. 

That of class one has 29 pupils with class 2 having 34 pupils.

Class 3 has 44 pupils and class 4 has 54 pupils.

The reporter was further directed to speak to the Parent-Teacher Association chairman but he was unavailable for an interview.

Apart from Sakorit, the school also serves other communities including Yagzori, Kpatia, Gbee and Baare.