Monday, 21 September

Wa: Borrow money to organise exams – GES to JHS heads


The Wa Municipal Director of Education in the Upper West has instructed all headteachers of junior high schools in the region, to borrow money from their kindergarten and primary capitation accounts to organise their end of term examination for JHS pupils since their accounts cannot be credited with money now.

The Directorate said the headteachers should endeavour to refund the money when their accounts are duly credited.

The order note, signed by Agnes Boobe-Inyuur Mwaawaare, Deputy Director, on Wednesday, 11 December 2019, said: “Management would like to entreat all headteachers of junior high schools in the municipality who do not have enough funds in their accounts to write the end of term examinations, to borrow money from either their kindergarten or primary school capitation grant account to organise the end of first term examination”.

“However, the junior high school headteachers should bear in mind that the monies should be refunded as and when their capitation grant accounts are credited”.

It added: “The necessary documentation to this effect should be appropriately done.”