Monday, 17 June

Ashong Mlitse family accuses Greater Accra Regional Police Command of abuse of Power over Adjiriganor dispute

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Mr. Isaac Odai addressing the media in Accra

 The Ashong Mlitse family of the Odatei Tsewe of Teshie, the allodial owners of the plush Adjiriganor area in the Greater Accra Region, has accused the Greater Accra Regional Police Command of abusing its powers.

 The family alleges that on May 16, 2024, Nii Afotey Oddai Asafoatse Akrobua IV, an elder of the family, was unjustly arrested by the regional police command. 

Following his arrest, other family elders who attempted to secure his bail were also accused of threatening Moses Tetteh Mensah, a claimant to the Adjiriganor stool, with death.

During a press conference held in Accra, Mr. Isaac Odai, the interim secretary to the Adjiriganor stool, flanked by his deputy, Joseph Nii Odai, expressed the family's grievances in the matter.

 Mr. Odai stated that the police accused the entire elders of Adjiriganor, including their lawyer, of threatening to kill an individual, leading to their arrest on May 22, 2024. 

He added that the elders were rushed to court and subsequently remanded on what he described as frivolous charges lacking factual support. 

Additionally, the police have declared other elders of the stool as wanted and at large.

"If the police have not finished their investigation, why did they grant the elders bail in the first place?" questioned Mr. Odai. 

He alleged that influential figures within the government are using the police to intimidate the Ashong Mlitse family due to ongoing land litigation and chieftaincy rights disputes.

 The principal elders opposing the coronation of Moses Tetteh Mensah are reportedly being targeted to deter them from asserting their rights, he maintained.

Mr. Odai pointed out that Adjiriganor falls under the jurisdiction of the Adentan Municipality, which has its own divisional police command. 

However, the matter was escalated to the regional headquarters, raising concerns about the motives behind the police actions. 

"We stand united against abuse of power and the intimidation of our loved ones.

 We will not rest until justice is served and meaningful reforms are implemented in the chieftaincy matter of Adjiriganor," he declared.

The Ashong Mlitse family is demanding an independent investigation into the incident to ensure an unbiased and thorough review of the actions taken by the police officials involved. 

They are also calling for immediate support and protection for the families affected by these police actions.

Mr. Odai warned that the community would soon stage a protest in Adjiriganor to register their displeasure about the mistreatment of their elders by the police. 

"We will rally the community to demand justice," he said, emphasizing the family's resolve to see the issue addressed and their rights upheld.

Source: Mensah