Tuesday, 22 June

DVLA warns against embossments, embellishment of car number plates

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DVLA will soon clamp down on those with such illegal vehicle number plates

The Driver and Vehicle Licensing Authority (DVLA) has asked vehicle owners and drivers to desist from embellishing their number plates.

A statement issued by the DVLA noted that the act is illegal and in contravention of the provisions in the Road Traffic Regulation, 2012 (LI 2180)".

The illegal activities include the following:

1. Embossment of wrong insignia

2. The use of other nations’ flags in place of the Ghana flag

3. Italicised lettering on the number plate

4. The use of colours that are different from what is prescribed by law and the embellishment of number plates with different colours

5. Not having fixed number plates on the front and rear of vehicles.

The statement further noted: "The Authority wishes to remind the motoring public that while Regulation 12 of the Road Traffic Regulation, 2012, L.I. 2180, makes it clear that the number plate of a motor vehicle or motorcycle shall be embossed with (a) a Ghana flag (b) the country identification mark ‘GH., Regulation 7 states explicitly that a person in charge of a motor vehicle shall fix a number plate (a) in a manner that makes the number plate not to be easily detachable, (b) in an upright position or within fifteen degrees of that position (c) in a manner that makes each letter and figure legible. Besides, Regulation 9 of the Road Traffic Regulation, 2012, L.I. 2180 also stipulates that a person in charge of a motor vehicle number shall fix the two number plates (a) on the front and rear sides of the motor vehicle, and (b) on the front and rear sides of a trailer".

"The Authority stresses that in addition to providing a critical unique feature on the vehicle to establish ownership and a special identification for compliance with statutory provisions, the material characteristics of the License plate also include retro-reflectivity and enhances plate visibility thereby providing easy means of distinguishing the registration information of the vehicle. It is, therefore, unlawful that these plates should be tampered with," the statement added.

Here are samples of illegal vehicle number plates as published on the DVLA’s official page:
















Source: Classfmonline.com