Friday, 01 March

Engage industry players before you take any action on new taxes – GFL to Parliament

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Currently, three new revenue mobilisation bills have been laid before Parliament

The Ghana Federation of Labour (GFL) has called on the House of Legislature to engage critical industry stakeholders before taking any action on the new taxes that have been laid before it.

Currently, three new revenue mobilisation bills have been laid before Parliament.

In a statement issued by the Federation, Thursday, 30 March 2023, and signed by its Secretary General Abraham Koomson, the GGL said: “Considering the plight of workers under the escalated cost of living as a result of the insensitive economic policies of government,” it deems it appropriate to draw the attention of the members of the House of Legislature “to do the needful to halt further deterioration of the conditions of living of people to avert social upheavals.”

The federation noted that Parliament by “constitutional mandate is positioned to check profligacy of the Executive to ensure good governance for the benefit of the citizenry for development.”

However, “contrary to expectations of the people, Parliament is seen as being complicit in implementation of outrageous Government policies which threaten to destroy businesses and render joblessness.”

It referred to its petition to the Speaker of Parliament, on Friday, 3 February 2023 in which it “drew attention to the numerous taxes already being paid by existing distressed businesses and the harm any additional taxes will do to investments,” and called for a stakeholder engagement before the approval of any new taxes by the House.

“As the new Excise Tax Bill and other Tax proposals await approval by Parliament, we entreat members of Parliament to engage the critical industry stakeholders prior to any action on the new Taxes,” the federation added.

Source: Adiku