Thursday, 30 May

Highways Minister donates to motivate Bus Stop Boys

General News
The Minister in a group photograph with Bus Stop Boys at his office

Mr Francis Asenso-Boakye, the Minister of Roads and Highways, has lauded the Bus Stop Boys' commendable initiative aimed at maintaining cleanliness in cities and towns across the country by clearing clogged drains and gutters to prevent flooding during the rainy season.

The Bus Stop Boys, comprising a group of dedicated young men, have taken it upon themselves to voluntarily desilt drains and gutters as a proactive measure against flooding.

During a courtesy call by Mr Ohene Kwadwo Sarfo, the Leader and Founder of the Bus Stop Boys, and other members of the group at the minister's office in Accra, Mr Asenso-Boakye expressed his admiration for the group's efforts. 

He extended his personal and the ministry's support to the group and made a personal donation of GHS10,000.00 to motivate them in their endeavours.

Highlighting the significance of their work, the Minister emphasised that clogged drains often contribute to flooding in urban areas, leading to property damage and loss of lives. 

He cited an instance in his constituency where six people lost their lives due to flooding last year, underscoring the urgency of addressing drainage issues.

Recognising the importance of collective responsibility in national development, Mr Asenso-Boakye stressed the need for citizens to actively contribute to efforts aimed at improving infrastructure and mitigating environmental challenges. 

He urged Ghanaians to shift their mindset towards development and refrain from solely relying on the government for solutions.

Mr Ohene Kwadwo Sarfo, on behalf of the Bus Stop Boys, expressed gratitude to the 

Minister for his support and reiterated the group's commitment to maintaining cleanliness in cities and towns. 

He urged fellow citizens to refrain from dumping solid waste into drains and gutters to prevent flooding and create a healthier environment.

In conclusion, both the Minister and the Bus Stop Boys emphasised the importance of collaborative efforts in keeping drains and gutters clean to minimise the risk of flooding and ensure the well-being of communities across the country.

Source: Mensah