Wednesday, 21 February

Late President Rawlings almost hit me with his car when I was a child – Ayensuano MP

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The Ayensuano law maker was speaking to Yao Mawutor on the Class Drive on Class91.3FM

The Member of Parliament for Ayensuano, Teddy Nana Yaw Addi has said he was nearly run over by a vehicle that was being driven by the late former President Jerry John Rawlings’ during his childhood days.

Growing up, the Ayensuano MP, attended school at Burma Camp, that brought him into contact with the late former President.

Narrating his first encounter with the former president during his childhood days, the Ayensuano MP revealed that he had the chance to meet the late president, while cross the streets at Burma Camp though he did not know who he was at the time.

“That was the era when Jerry used to go for his piloting class.  So there was this day I was crossing the street and he almost hit me with his car I didn’t even know that was Jerry. Instead of spanking me, he just put me in the car and asked where are you going,” he narrated.

He revealed that: “So he took me home and was like study hard in school.”

The Ayensuano MP indicated that on arrival at home, he told his mother and everyone about the incident, then while watching TV, the former president, appeared on the screen.

That was when he pointed him out to his mum but her reaction was: “this one, he won’t do that.”

However, the MP insisted that, was the man who had almost run him down with his vehicle.

The Ayensuano law maker was speaking to Yao Mawutor on the Class Drive on Class91.3FM.

Source: Adiku