Thursday, 30 May

Parts of Ghana's territory risks being lost to Burkina Faso as galamseyers destroy boundary pillars

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Destruction caused by galamsey

Galamseyers are blurring the boundary line between Ghana and her nothern neighbour Burkina Faso through their destructive activities, the Ghana Boundary Commission has warned.

During a tour of galamsey-devastated areas in Sapelliga, a border town in the Upper East Region, the Commissioner General, Major General Emmanuel Kotia, told the regional security council led by Regional Minister Hafiz Bin Saleh that: "There were a lot of interferences so far as our boundary line is concerned." 

"Some of these activities led to the removal of international boundary pillars and for that matter, there was no clarity so far as the markings of the boundary is concerned", he complained.

"And then, because we have quite a sizeable number of people coming from Burkina Faso to do a lot of illegal activities here, if we don't take care, while these boundary pillars are removed, some of our territories can be taken or probably can be declared as part of Burkina Faso because these markings are not visible on the ground," he warned.

He said the inspection tour was important because the Commission needed the REGSEC to see, first-hand, the security threats posed by the galamseyers.

"REGSEC plays a very key role so far as the territory sovereignty of the country is concerned, especially regions that have boundaries with our neighbours. So, we work in collaboration with REGSECS to ensure that our boundaries are secure."

During the tour, the regional minister ordered the galamseyers to pack out immediately.

"Please, if you want to continue operating here, do the right thing. We are going to contact the Minerals Commission so that they make this place available to prospective miners so that you would be licensed and then we give you the opportunity to operate", he preluded.

"But what you are doing currently is unacceptable. It's highly unacceptable. This is the last time that we are coming here, and this is a stern warning from the Regional Security Council, so, take note and begin to pack your tools", he added.

Mr Saleh also pointed out that the border-town galamsey operations could easily serve as a conduit for terrorists feom the Sahel to invade Ghana.

"In Burkina Faso, there are insurgents and there are terrorists who want to infiltrate our country, and to be able to perpetuate what they are doing, they need financing, so, they engage in what you people are doing", he noted.

"In order to save the people of this country, we want to stop issues of this nature so that people don't have means of funding nefarious activities," he said.

"We will not allow the interest of any individual or any group of persons to affect the peace that the country is enjoying", Mr Saleh added.