Monday, 17 June

Voter registration: Togolese busted for attempting to register

General News
The suspects have been handed over to the police for further legal processing

Two Togolese nationals are currently in custody of the Jasikan Municipal Police Command for attempting to participate in Ghana's ongoing voter registration exercise. 

The arrests were made by National Security officers on Sunday, 19 May 2024, and the suspects have been handed over to the police for further legal processing.

National Security officers reported to the media that leaders of a political party in the area allegedly brought the suspects to the Jasikan Municipal Registration Centre on Sunday. 

Following the arrests, political leaders from the Buem Constituency reportedly attempted to secure bail for the suspects at the police station but were unsuccessful.

This incident follows a similar arrest last week in Asokore Mampong in the Ashanti Region, where two Nigerien nationals were detained. 

They failed to convince Electoral Commission officers and the police of their eligibility to register as voters in Ghana.

In response to these incidents, the Electoral Commission (EC) has issued a warning to political parties, urging them to prevent minors and foreigners from being transported to registration centers. 

Deputy Electoral Commissioner Dr. Bossman Asare addressed journalists in Accra on May 13, emphasising the importance of maintaining a credible voter register.

“We continue to receive reports that minors and non-Ghanaians are being encouraged by certain persons who are members of political parties to register as voters,” Dr. Asare stated. 

“We beseech the national leadership of the political parties to discourage their executives in the regions and the constituencies from transporting minors and foreigners to the registration centres. The objective of the Commission as always has been to have a credible register for the 2024 elections.”

Dr. Asare further stressed the responsibility of political parties in ensuring the integrity of the electoral process. 

“We believe the political parties, as the main stakeholders in the general elections, must be dedicated to supporting a credible register as well. Consequently, we find attempts by parties to support the registration of minors and foreigners completely unacceptable and aimed at undermining the country’s electoral democracy,” he added.