Saturday, 28 May

We'll find your missing relatives – Gov't to families of FV Comforter disaster victims

General News
Mr Moses Anim interacting with family members

The Deputy Minister of Fisheries and Aquaculture Development (MoFAD), Mr Moses Anim, on Thursday, May 12, 2022, led a delegation to visit the families of persons still missing in the vessel "FV Comforter 2” disaster.

The vessel sank between Elmina and Takoradi last Saturday. 

Mr Anim has assured the families of the needed support in finding their missing relatives.

Sixteen people have been rescued since the vessel sank while 11 are yet to be found.

Below are the details:  

Name of vessel FV COMFORTER 2   

Last known position 46nm South of Saltpond No of crew 25, Ghanaians 19, Chinese 6 Total number of persons rescued-16 Ghanaians 12, Chinese 4, Deceased 1 

No of the crew unaccounted for 11

Account by survivors

MV COMFORTER 2 was fishing South of Saltpond.

The fishing vessel had caught a lot of fish in its net and was having challenges hauling the net.

The weight of the fishes in the net had caused the vessel to list.

Some sailors tried to prompt the Captain of the situation but he insisted the hauling should continue.

The HNK continued hauling caused the vessel to list further and it eventually capsized.

Source: Mensah