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S/R: Ignore myths about eating eggs – Egg campaigners

Health News
Mrs Comfort Kyerewa speaking in an interview with the media

The Ghana National Eggs Campaign Secretariat (GNECS) has appealed to the general public to ignore all the myths about eating of eggs as well as dishes prepared at home with eggs.

According to the group, eating egg is very good for the growth of the body.

Speaking in Damongo in the Savannah Region at a one-day sensitisation workshop on Thursday, 27 October 2022, on the importance of eggs in diets for regional and district nutritionists and dieticians under the Ghana Health Service in the Savannah Region, Mrs Comfort Kyerewa, the coordinator for the Ghana National Eggs Campaign Secretariat (GNECS) indicated it is fine for children and pregnant women to eat eggs contrary to earlier beliefs and assertions, some based on a theory that claims eggs contain a high level of cholesterol.

She argued that research has condemned those perceptions, and urged the general public to stick to the consumption of eggs.

She explained that eggs contain nutrients that are essential for human health, adding that eggs promote the health needs of the body and improve the eyes, blood, muscles, bones, heart, brain, and stomach, among others.

The campaign seeks to empower nutrition officers in the region and districts with information on the importance of eggs. 

According to her, the Association wants everyone to know that egg is a superfood and there is a need to overcome the myths surrounding egg consumption. 

Comfort Acheampong further explained that the district nutrition officers have been added to the training and sensitisation campaign to assist in selling good messages about eggs to all citizens of Ghana.

''Eggs cost less as compared to other protein variables in the country, such as fish,” she also noted.

Participants, including egg sellers and producers, were also educated on the usefulness and better ways of preserving eggs.

Source: Abdul Rauf