Sunday, 14 July

Abossey Okai Spares Dealers Association warns politicians against using area for campaigns

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 The Abossey Okai Spares Dealers Association in the Greater Accra Region has issued a stern warning to political actors, emphasizing that the Abossey Okai area is primarily a business center and not a political arena.

This announcement comes in response to recent incidents where politicians have been using the area as a campaign ground without notifying the Association.

‘’As the December 7 elections approach, the leadership of the Association has made it clear that such behaviours will no longer be tolerated the statement said. 

Mr Takyi Addo, Head of Communications for the Association, stated, “We urge all political parties and their representatives to seek permission from the Association before engaging with our members or for using the area for political activities.

 This protocol, he said is necessary to ensure that the leadership is informed and prepared to manage any issues that may arise.

The Association underscored that the Abossey Okai area should not be monopolized by any political party. 

“This is a business centre, and it is crucial to maintain its primary purpose,” Mr Addo emphasized. 

The leadership called on all political actors to respect this directive and seek permission from the Association before conducting any political activities in the area.

The statement concluded with a clear message: “Abossey Okai is a business centre, not a political arena. 

We expect all political parties to adhere to these guidelines.”

This warning is intended to preserve the integrity and primary function of Abossey Okai as a business hub, ensuring that political activities do not disrupt the daily operations and commerce that the area is known for, the statement concluded.

Source: Mensah