Thursday, 18 April

Biometric Voter's Register: NDC demands full-blown investigation

Dr Edward Omane Boamah

Amid concerns over the unreturned Biometric Verification Devices (BVDs) for the last District Levels held in Ghana by the Electoral Commission, there is growing apprehension regarding the readiness of the EC to retrieve these crucial electoral tools. 

The situation has sparked worries among the main opposition National Democratic Congress and stakeholders alike, who stress the importance of a swift resolution to ensure the integrity of future elections.

The NDC's Director of Elections and IT in a statement dated  March 22, 2024, and pasted on his Facebook wall, called for a full-blown investigation into the matter to ensure the sanctity of the upcoming elections   

According to him, of particular concern is the recent theft of Biometric Voters Registration (BVR) kits, raising questions about the security and management of electoral equipment. 

"Many are calling for thorough and impartial investigations into the stolen kits, emphasizing the need for transparency and accountability within the electoral process.

"There is a pressing need for the Electoral Commission to expedite the retrieval of the unreturned Biometric Verification Devices," he stated.

"The delay in addressing this issue raises doubts about the commission's readiness to conduct free and fair elections," he argued.

"It's crucial that the Electoral Commission allows for unbiased investigations into the stolen BVR kits.

Without transparency and accountability, we cannot guarantee the integrity of our electoral system."

Source: Mensah