Friday, 03 July

Daffiama-Bussie-Issa NDC – Where’s our ambulance?


The National Democratic Congress (NDC) in the Daffiama-Bussie-Issa constituency of the Upper West Region has said that part of Ghana is yet to receive its ambulance which was part of the 307 ambulances inaugurated by President Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo.

A statement signed by Dennis Andaban, the party's Communication Officer in the constituency, said: “On 29 January 2020, we received information about the arrival of the Upper West share of the ambulances, with the consolation that our emergency health situation in the district would improve. The media reported that our ambulance had arrived in the region and the Regional Minister received the health-purpose vehicle. Indeed, the people of DBI deserve an ambulance. Considering the fact that Daffiama-Bussie-Issa is a deprived district with inadequate health facilities affecting quality health delivery, the ambulance is going to help ameliorate the challenge of nonavailability of an ambulance in the area, which has left even expectant mothers to be carried on motorbikes.

“Even though the delivery was delayed unnecessarily, we think it is a very good intervention only if the facility is managed and maintained well. Sadly, after we were told of the arrival of these ambulances, we still cannot find it in the constituency. No explanation has been given whatsoever on why the facility has not yet arrived at the constituency after we are told it was at the RCC in Wa.

“We wish to state that the ambulance was procured for the people of Daffiama-Bussie-Issa. It would be very wrong if the ambulance is parked anywhere outside the constituency. We wish to call on the District Chief Executive to give us an update on where the ambulance is located since our checks indicate that it is not in the constituency.

“We also demand that the ambulance be moved to the constituency. This would enable residents of the constituency to have immediate access to it. The constituents, who are the direct beneficiaries of the ambulance, deserve to know the whereabouts of the ambulance as they equally deserve to enjoy from such health policies by the government of this country.

“We wish to assure the good people of the Daffiama-Bussie-Issa constituency that as a party whose ideology represents the interest of the people, we shall do the needed advocacy on the matter in the spirit of probity and accountability and ensure, as well, that the constituency owns and uses the facility given to it. If there is any attempt to shortchange the people by keeping the ambulance anywhere outside the constituency, we shall vehemently resist that in the collective interest of the constituency.”