Monday, 17 June

I've had unprecedented achievements as Vice President -Bawumia

Dr Bawumia addressig the gathering at Boltan

During his campaign tour in the Upper East Region, the flagbearer for the governing New Patriotic Party (NPP), Dr. Mahamudu Bawumia, asserted his distinctive role as the most proactive Vice President in Ghana's history. 

Addressing members of the clergy in Bolgatanga, Dr. Bawumia emphasized his significant contributions to the nation's digital transformation, highlighting key innovations he has championed.

"I'm the only active Vice President ever witnessed in Ghana since independence. 

I brought about the e-pharmacy system. 

I brought the Ghanacards and so many more, as the Ghanacards can save the country billions of Cedis by doing away with ghost workers and others," Dr. Bawumia stated confidently.

He elaborated on his pivotal role in introducing several digital initiatives aimed at enhancing efficiency and transparency across various sectors.

"The e-pharmacy system, for example, is one of the notable achievements in the country.

 I must say, 46 pharmacies in the Upper East Region are now part of this system. 

It is streamlining access to pharmaceutical services, ensuring that Ghanaians can obtain medications conveniently and securely online.

 This system is part of a broader effort to modernize the healthcare sector and improve service delivery."

Dr. Bawumia also highlighted the impact of the GhanaCard, a national identification system designed to provide a unique identity for every Ghanaian, thereby addressing issues such as ghost workers in the public sector.

 "The Ghana Card is expected to save the country billions of Cedis by eliminating fraudulent activities and ensuring that resources are allocated efficiently," he explained.

These initiatives, according to Dr. Bawumia, not only enhance governance but also contribute significantly to the country's economic growth and development. 

By modernizing key sectors and improving service delivery, Dr. Bawumia believes these digital transformations are crucial steps towards a more efficient and prosperous Ghana

Source: Apiah