Monday, 17 June

Pwalugu dam contractor paid $12m for no work done - Mahama says he'll 'defeat corruption' of all forms if he wins

John Dramani Mahama

The contractor of the Pwalugu multi-purpose dam has been paid $12 million for nothing done, former President John Mahama has said.

Interacting with the Christian Ecumenical Council on Monday, 20 May 2024, the flagbearer of the mian opposition National Democratic Congress promised that his nexr administration, should he win the 7 December polls, will.not repeat such acts which, in his view, reek of correction.

"The impacts of many cases of financial malfeasance, stealing, cost inflation, sole-sourced contracts, and projects that are funded but never completed are becoming more the norm than the exemption", he complained. 

Recently, he noted, "MPs raised the issue of the Pwalugu multi-purpose dam, which was supposed to be an almost $1 billion investment".

"A contract was awarded, and $12 million was paid to the contractor for absolutely no work done. There are many cases that I could cite", Mr Mahama told the clergy.

He promised: “I make a firm promise that the administration that I will lead will fight the canker of corruption and defeat it."