Thursday, 30 May

Let's go solar - Kennedy osei Nyarko

Mr Kennedy Osei Nyarko

The New Patriotic Party (NPP) Member of Parliament for Akim Swedru, Mr Kennedy Osei Nyarko has advocated the promotion of solar systems as part of its initiatives to augment electricity supply to communities in the country.

He advised the current administration to ensure that public institutions in the nation use solar energy.

“Cancel all IPPs and only keep those that are reasonable and use the savings to build several solar power farms.

This will certainly bring about some discomfort but it’s a necessary medicine we must administer.

A quarter of the monies we pay to these IPPs can build over 2000 megawatts of solar power to guarantee stable and cheap electricity.

The long-term benefits of cancelling or terminating some of the IPPs far better outweigh the costs of cancellation or termination, ”Hon Kennedy Osei Nyarko disclosed on his official Facebook wall.

According to him, this method will help rectify the energy crisis that has since beset Ghanaians.

He noted that the complications associated with the country’s energy and water sectors are overwhelming.

He said that it would not only ensure a regular supply of electricity to improve the learning environment but also avoid situations where the power supply to some institutions was cut for non-payment of electricity bills.

Solar energy, Kennedy Osei Nyarko added, had the potential to create more jobs for the people.

He said it has become necessary for the Government of Ghana to develop an Energy Transition Framework that will guide the country as the entire world moves toward realising net zero

Source: Mensah