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Elikem Writes: A cheer song for the Black Stars, beat Tunisia!

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The Africa Cup of Nations (AFCON) currently ongoing in Egypt seems to be getting interesting as the teams play in the round of 16 stage - the first, since the history of the AFCON due to increased participation of teams from 16 to 24.

The almighty Pharaohs of Egypt, the host nation, got eliminated my South Africa while the underdogs, the Squirrels of Benin eliminated the Atlas Lions of Morocco. Nigeria eliminated defending champions Cameroon. First timers, Madagascar put themselves on the map by eliminating DR Congo in a penalty shootout. What a tournament of surprises!

The Black Stars of Ghana, continue their quest to end a 37-year-old trophy drought as they take on Tunisia today. The Black Stars beginning their tournament campaign on a disappointing note drawing 2-2 against Benin, 0-0 against Cameroon and beating Guinea-Bissau to qualify to the round of 16. One must have thought Ghanaians were not supporting the Black Stars with almost 75 per cent of Ghanaians adopting the 'We don't care' approach up until the goals started coming and even that, we still sang the 'we don't care' song.

Yet our win against Guinea-Bissau marked the clarity of the start of our desire and dream to end the no trophy drought. Yes we can! Or is it that it's looking better for team Ghana at the 2019 AFCON? But only if the Black Stars will dare to fly the flag of Ghana high and put Ghana back on top of the list of soccer champions on the continent.

From Captain Andre Ayew to Coach Appiah, the boys have one after the other assured Ghanaians that they will do nothing but play their hearts out.

And yes, Ghanaians will cheer them on but of course cautiously so as to not get a heartbreak only because the Black Stars have had the hearts of several Ghanaians only to break it like a boy does his paramour. So the Stars will understand that for the sake of the Ghanaian people, they would rather be cautious.

Dear Black Stars, as you go into the round of 16, just a little reminder that we believe in you. Ghana needs nothing but a win against Tunisia to keep us in the race towards ending our trophy drought and only you have the power to make this dream come true.

So as you go into today’s game, I remind you of my cheer song again. I remind you, the Black Stars, of my poem for you:


I gave you all of me My heart, my soul, my body I kissed your ass and licked your pee, After all you were my demigod, my idol, my shining star... What did you do with it?

You threw my apples away... You took all the times I'll still lay the bed and await your arrival home for granted, Whilst you went flirting with the world In search of fame, fortune, becoming complacent in the process You put a knife through my heart and turned me into an ugly soul You scarred my body after I lay naked for you to have your way. ... You had me, all of me yet you took all that for granted.

Yesterday I moved on.... Today you come craving my attention again. My support, my heart, body and soul: all of me Make me fall in love again.

Bring back all the magical moments when you touched me and I melted... When your kick made me do a royal dance because I had danced with a demigod. When the crown that you gave me sparkled with glitters of red, gold, green and the black star. I'll bare my soul to you... If only you will make me fall in love with you again.

Go Black Stars! Go Ghana! Go Go Go! Make me fall in love again... The plea of Ama Ghana. I believe in you... Go Black Stars go!

I speak for the millions of Ghanaians. Black Stars we want the trophy and nothing less!

So, on this note, know that our vuvuzelas which we have come to adopt will be blowing from Accra to Paga to Aflao to Elubo. Our voices will echo to sing your praises, we'll be waving our flags and more importantly at some point, our hearts will be with you. Make sure you don't break them. Make us fall in love with you again instead. Make us compose songs in honour of you. Make us write an ode to our team.

Win this game Black Stars and when you rise to become 2019 Afcon champions, don't forget that I led the cheer song, the cheer to victory.

By: Elikem Adiku

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Source: Elikem Adiku