777X debut postponed by Boeing after Ethiopian Airlines crash

Boeing has delayed plans to unveil its huge new 777X jetliner this week following the deadly crash of one of the company's aircraft...

What Boeing's post-crash warning about 737 Max means

Minutes after takeoff on Oct. 29, a Boeing 737 Max belonging to the budget Indonesian carrier Lion Air dove into the Java Sea at more...

Ethiopian Airlines: Boeing faces questions after crash

US plane maker Boeing is facing questions after an Ethiopian Airlines 737 crash on Sunday killed all 157 people on board.

Ethiopian Airlines crash kills 157

An Ethiopian Airlines jet has crashed shortly after take-off from Addis Ababa, killing all on board, the airline says. It...

Ex-Trump campaign chief jailed for fraud

US President Donald Trump's ex-campaign manager Paul Manafort has been given a 47-month jail sentence for fraud. He was...

Tanzania teacher to hang for killing pupil

A court in Tanzania has sentenced to death by hanging a 51-year-old school teacher who beat to death a 14-year-old pupil.

Zuckerberg outlines plan for 'privacy-focused' Facebook

Facebook boss Mark Zuckerberg has said he believes secure, private messaging services will become more popular than open platforms.

Billionaire diamond trader dies during penis enlargement surgery

A billionaire diamond trader has died during penis enlargement surgery at a clinic on the Champs-Elysees in Paris. Wealthy...

Kenya airport strike strands thousands of passengers

Thousands of passengers have been stranded in Kenya's four main airports after a strike by workers caused a major disruption to flights.

Trump targets India and Turkey in trade crackdown

The US plans to end preferential trade status for India, under a scheme which allows certain products to enter the US duty-free.