Monday, 22 July

EU condemns Russia's 'heinous and barbaric' attack on Ukraine

World News
The debris caused some damage - like this shell hole
Earlier, European Commission foreign affairs spokesman Peter Stano condemned the latest Russian attacks on Ukraine, in which at least one person was reported killed.

"These attacks show yet again that Russia continues to indiscriminately terrorise Ukraine's civilian population in a heinous and barbaric way," he said at a news briefing in Brussels.

"And also these attacks are a clear response by Putin to all those who strive for a peace process. It shows that Putin is not serious about stopping his war and he wants to continue his escalation against the Ukrainian people."

Ukraine says four people have been killed in the past day from Russian drone strikes.

Officials said air defence systems destroyed many of the drones, but one person was killed when debris hit a residential building in Kyiv overnight - 34 people were injured, including two children.

Source: BBC