Saturday, 13 April

Prince Harry loses High Court challenge over UK security protection

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Prince Harry

Prince Harry has lost a High Court challenge against the government over the level of his security protection when he is in the UK.

The Duke of Sussex had been trying to overturn a ruling which saw his security status downgraded after he stopped being a "working royal".

His lawyers argued there was unfairness in how the decision was made.

The Home Office previously said his security was decided on a case-by-case basis.


Back in December, when the challenge was made, Home Office lawyers told the High Court Prince Harry would still have publicly-funded police security, but these would be "bespoke arrangements, specifically tailored to him", rather than the automatic security provided for full-time working royals.

Much of the legal proceedings, which covered security arrangements for senior figures, were held in private in December, with the ruling issued by retired High Court judge Sir Peter Lane on Wednesday morning.

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In the ruling, the court found there had not been any unlawfulness in reaching the decision to downgrade Prince Harry's security status, and that any departure from policy was justified.

It found the decision was not irrational, nor marred by procedural unfairness.

Last year, Prince Harry lost a legal bid to be allowed to make private payments for police protection when he was visiting the UK, in a case that also focused on concerns about reduced security since ceasing to be a full-time working royal.

Source: BBC