Sunday, 23 June

Fidelity Bank partners with Teixeira to empower SMEs for global competitiveness

Nana Esi Idun-Arthur, Divisional Director of Retail and Business Banking at Fidelity Bank

In a strategic move aimed at bolstering support for Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (SMEs), Fidelity Bank has announced its partnership with Teixeira, marking a significant step towards providing comprehensive solutions to modern SMEs and enhancing their competitiveness on a global scale.

Nana Esi Idun-Arthur, Divisional Director of Retail and Business Banking at Fidelity Bank, expressed the bank's excitement at signing up to the platform, highlighting the immense opportunities it presents for Fidelity Bank to address the evolving needs of SMEs in today's dynamic business landscape.

Ms Idun-Arthur emphasized Fidelity Bank's commitment to leveraging digital innovation, financing, and capacity-building initiatives to empower SMEs, enabling them to compete not only locally but also regionally and globally. 

''The partnership with Teixeira aligns with Fidelity Bank's overarching goal of providing unparalleled support to SMEs, positioning them as key players in their respective sectors, she said.

The platform offered by Teixeira opens doors for SMEs to access a wide range of programmes, platforms, and solutions tailored to their specific needs, including digital innovation, financing, and capacity-building resources. 

Ms Idun-Arthur expressed confidence that SMEs who sign up to the platform will benefit from Fidelity Bank's expertise and support, positioning themselves as formidable global players.

Furthermore, Fidelity Bank aims to deepen its collaboration with Teixeira to enhance the dominance of Ghanaian SMEs, fostering partnerships with stakeholders across various value chains to facilitate SME growth and success.

With this strategic partnership, Fidelity Bank reaffirms its commitment to driving economic growth and prosperity by empowering SMEs and unlocking their full potential in the global marketplace. 

As SMEs continue to navigate the challenges of the modern business landscape, Fidelity Bank stands ready to provide unwavering support and innovative solutions to help them thrive and succeed

Source: Kwadwo Alidjah CTV