Sunday, 23 June

Garment Makers endorse Mahama's 24-hour economy programme

Mahama's 24-hour economy

The National Association of Garment Makers has expressed strong support for former President John Dramani Mahama’s 24-hour economy programme, aiming to revive the struggling garment industry in Ghana.

Speaking during an interview on Accra 100.5 FM’s mid-day news, Alhaji Mohammed Umar, President of the Association, hailed Mahama’s initiative as a transformative policy for garment makers.

"Mahama’s 24-hour economy programme is a game-changer for our industry.

 It promises significant improvements and stability that we desperately need," Alhaji Umar stated.

Alhaji Umar highlighted the dire state of the garment industry, which is currently plagued by the unstable power supply and soaring costs of materials. 

He noted that machinery prices have skyrocketed, with equipment that previously cost GHS 1,100 now selling for GHS 4,600, making it difficult for members to make necessary purchases.

"Our industry is facing severe challenges, and our repeated proposals to the government for revamping the sector have been ignored. 

We need a government that will listen and act on our plans," he said.

Alhaji Umar emphasized that Mahama's 24-hour economy programme includes specific measures to rejuvenate the garment industry, making it profitable once again.

 He believes this initiative will provide the necessary support to address the industry's current issues.

"Part of Mahama’s 24-hour economy plan focuses on revitalizing the garment industry. 

This is why we fully endorse his policy and urge all members to support it, ensuring it becomes a reality," Alhaji Umar added.

The National Association of Garment Makers is optimistic that Mahama’s 24-hour economy programme will bring much-needed relief and growth to the garment industry. 

By throwing their full support behind this initiative, they hope to see a revitalized and profitable sector that can contribute significantly to the nation’s economy under the 24-hour economy programme

Source: Mensah