Monday, 04 December

National Fish Festival commences in Accra, calls for safe fishing practices

Smoked fish on display at Fish Festival

The fourth edition of the National Fish Festival has taken place in Accra, marked by exhibitions and discussions aimed at fostering a sustainable fisheries and aquaculture sector.

This two-day event, organised by the Fisheries Ministry, is dedicated to celebrating the contributions of fishermen and fish processors in Ghana.

Themed 'Developing Ghana’s Blue Economy for Sustainable Fisheries Management and National Development', the festival encompasses various stakeholders, including exhibitors, fish processors, farmers, and suppliers of fish-related products such as feed.

Deputy Fisheries Minister, Moses Anim, at the event emphasised that the festival serves as a platform to showcase the sector's achievements, challenges, and opportunities. 

He stressed the importance of effective communication about fisheries information, noting that the event is focused on sustainable management aligned with the concept of the blue economy.

“We want to showcase the importance of fisheries, how critical it is to our economy in terms of job creation, GDP contribution, food, and nutritional security,” said Mr Anim. 

Additionally, he called for the adoption of safe fishing practices.



Source: Mensah