Wednesday, 20 January

SSNIT’s 10% pension increase not enough – Labour Consultant


The Social Security and National Insurance Trust (SSNIT) has increased monthly pension by 10 percent for the year 2021.

This implies that all pensioners on the SSNIT Pension Payroll, as of 31st December, 2020 will have their monthly pension increased by a fixed rate of 9.34 percent, representing the annual average Price Inflation plus a re-distributed flat amount of GHS6.47

Reacting to this development, Labour Consultant, Austin Garmey told Class News that the 10 percent increase is not enough.

Mr Garmey argued that due to the pensioners’ old age, the 10 percent increment was too meagre to make an impact in their lives.

“Obviously 10 percent is not enough and cannot be enough for a pensioner whose livelihood perhaps depends solely on this sort of income because you and I know that most of them or a lot of them do nothing again and that's all they live on. And so, it is certainly not enough and they could've gotten more but that is what they have in the interim,” he noted.