Thursday, 30 November

Tax all rent collected by landlords – DI proposes to gov’t

DI believes taxing rent will raise a lot more revenue for the country

The rent paid to landlords in Ghana must be taxed, civil society group Danquah Institute has proposed.

The Executive Director of DI, Dr Antoinette Tsiboe-Darko, told journalists at a press conference that the government must put in place to make sure landlords and landladies who rent out rooms and houses “pay tax on the rent received”.

She said “building for renting has become a booming business, especially in our major cities Accra and Kumasi” and “millions of Ghana cedis continue to exchange hands” in that sector.

“Unfortunately, owners of the houses go to tenants to collect rent directly without paying anything to the government”, she bemoaned.

“The institute urges the government to set up rent control agencies, if possible, in all major cities to be in charge of rent issues”, she proposed.

“In other words, owners of rooms or houses will have to register with these agencies while those who need rooms will then go there to make payments for their choice. We are hopeful that through this initiative, rent payment could be taxed”, she added.