Thursday, 24 June

We’re sorry for 16-day flight disruptions

Africa World Airlines

Africa World Airlines has expressed “with deep regret”, the disruption to service delivery “to our esteemed customers over the past 16 days”.

In a statement, the airline said “the disruption manifested after a failure of third party application systems which form the core of our passenger reservation and other services systems”.

“The system responsible for issuing tickets, passenger handling and payment operations, suddenly dropped offline and was unavailable on the 21of April 2021, and, as a result, we experienced significant disruption to these services”, AwA explained in the statement.

It added: “Our immediate response has been to implement backup measures and procedures which have been more demanding for all concerned as several automated functions are now processed manually, which in some cases may appear as a deviation from the premium service most of our customers have been used to”.

The manual ticketing and check-in procedures, it said, “have resulted in delays or cancellation to certain flight schedules”.

AwA said “in order not to unduly delay or inconvenience customers who may be planning activities according to our schedules or within a specific timeline, we are revising our current schedules to accommodate longer check-in and boarding processes”.

This will, the airline noted, “allow ample time for passengers to be processed without the risk of delays or cancellation to scheduled flights, but may result in fewer operated scheduled flights”.

“We are working alongside our service providers round the clock to ensure our systems are fully restored at the earliest”, the statement said”.

“We are very grateful for the patience and understanding so far displayed by most of our esteemed customers during these times, and propose to appease or compensate inconvenienced passengers in due course”, it added.