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Bukom Banku's lost 3 of 5 wives, is currently dating his cousin

Braimah Isaac Kamoko, a Ghanaian boxer and entertainer

Braimah Isaac Kamoko, fondly called Bukom Banku, has sent away three of his five wives and is also currently dating his cousin.

The boxing star made the revelation speaking to sit-in host of Ayekoo Ayekoo, Akua Sonto, on Accra 100.5 FM.

He said “it’s a long [story]” when he was asked for the reason behind his three wives leaving the union.

“I’m a fine boy… women love me. If you love me, I’ll love you. Love the person who loves you, and forget your haters and enemies. Love the person who loves you, and forget your enemies. Don’t love your enemies,” he added.

Sonto asked if he was calling his former wives his haters or enemies.

“You cannot marry your enemies,” he clarified, noting: “As I said, it’s a long [story].”

After much pressing, Banku explained his wives “did nothing bad to me,” but “they were not respectful. If you don’t respect me, I’ll write you off.”

He categorically said his marriage to the three estranged wives did not end because he was beating them. He said he has long stopped beating his wives, calling the habit “foolishness” that “is not good for me”.

He said he did not send the three wives away at once, but rather, “it was a gradual process”.

He said the women gave him eight children, combined, indicating also: “I had a child with one, two with another and five with the other one.”

He got married to the mother of five in the year 2000, he revealed.

According to Bukom Banku, his first wife was one Gladys Duru, to whom he got married in 1999, “when I wasn’t a superstar”.

An occasional comedian whose life choices, storytelling and broken English amuses his audience, he was open about engaging in extramarital affairs. He has only one girlfriend apart from his two remaining wives, at the moment, he said.

His girlfriend, he pointed out, is one Akuokor Martha who was with him in the Accra FM studio.

Challenged about marital infidelity, Banku argued in favour of having a girlfriend apart from one’s wife because “there are different soups [out] there; taste this, and taste that”.

Touting Martha as his “light soup,” he made the shocking revelation that she is also his cousin, noting his driver for the day, Tettey Biggie, is his witness.

“My grandmother’s younger sibling is her grandmother,” Bukom Banku illumined.

He said he is in an amorous relationship with his “sibling” Martha against much push back, but seemed encouraged by the union between the Biblical Adam and Eve, who, in his view, were siblings, with God as their father.

“We knew we were cousins all along. We loved each other. Don’t mind anybody. The family opposed us but we didn’t listen to them. We will marry,” he said.

According to Bukom, “there are many of such relationships in our family”. He said he does not have a child with Martha yet.

When Sonto asked for his secret when it comes to women, he asserted he does not use “juju [magic spells]”.

Rather, he contentedly explained, he is the most charming in his community and he is skilled at chatting up women.

The popular boxer and entertainer highlighted that he has 13 children and he supports all of them.

“I use my money to push them so they can have better things,” he said.

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