Thursday, 30 May

DNA Ministries ready with 2024 Issachar Conference

Flyer for DNA Ministries' 2024 Issachar Conference

Living Faith Ministries International Church is set to host the eagerly awaited Issachar Conference from April 21 to April 28, 2024, at Rhema City in Ashaley Botwe, Accra.

Spearheaded by the Bishop Dominic Newlove Allotey (DNA), the event draws inspiration from the biblical figure of Issachar, renowned for his discernment and understanding of the times – refer to 1 Chronicles 12:32.

The Issachar Conference stands as a beacon of empowerment for young minds and ministers of the Gospel, aimed at fostering innovative thinking and entrepreneurial prowess.

Participants will be immersed in a transformative experience, equipping them to confront societal challenges head-on and contribute to economic growth through the harnessing of their talents and creativity.

At the heart of the conference lie four key objectives:  

1. Promoting Innovative Thinking: Encouraging attendees to cultivate an innovative mindset, empowering them to address pressing societal issues with fresh perspectives and solutions. '

2. Fostering Entrepreneurship: Equipping individuals with the necessary knowledge and resources to embark on entrepreneurial ventures, thereby playing an active role in driving economic development.

3. Empowering Youth: Providing guidance, mentorship, and unwavering support to young men and women as they navigate their paths to success, both personally and professionally.

4. Aligning with Biblical Principles: Drawing inspiration from timeless biblical teachings on labor, discernment of the times, and the transformative power of creative thinking.

Throughout the conference, attendees will delve into a range of captivating themes, including innovative thinking, problem-solving skills, career development, entrepreneurial spirit, and the importance of collaboration and support within communities.

The programme structure is designed to offer a holistic experience, with morning sessions focusing on practical training and spiritual enrichment, while evening sessions feature dynamic spiritual services led by esteemed clergy members. These sessions will encompass prayers, prophecies, and healing sessions, offering attendees a unique opportunity for personal and spiritual growth.


- Bishop Dominic Allotey (Host)

- Bishop Owusu Ansah

- Prophet Ernest Owusu

- Dr Robert Akrong

The Issachar Conference promises to be a life-altering journey, empowering attendees with the tools, knowledge, and inspiration needed to thrive in both their personal and professional endeavors. Join us as we embark on this transformative experience, nurturing innovative minds and fostering a new generation of trailblazers.