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Fameye: Before fame I was a teacher

Ghanaian music star Fameye

Fameye, alias Peter, has revealed that he used to be a teacher about seven years ago.

A rapper and singer-songwriter, he was on Accra 100.5 FM's mid-morning show Ayekoo Ayekoo on Thursday, March 16, 2023. 

Host Nana Romeo asked what he was doing before fame.

"Oh, I have taught at Mempeasem before," he answered, providing the name of the school and stating that it is at "East Legon-Mempeasem in the Trinity area."

He was asked what subjects he taught.

"Oh, you know for children it is multiplication and others," he said. "KG (Kindergarten), you teach everything."

"I used to sing jama (cheer songs)," he added. "I once did a particular song that got the [Head] Mistress upset."

"I took them to the 'street' too much," Fameye said, explaining with a demonstration of an Akan rhyme that tells the story of a man who exchanged gunfire with a supposed ghost in his farm.

Thereafter, he remarked that the rhyme was unbefitting for the upper class children of East Legon and thus, the Mistress complained.

At the time, he protested, telling the Mistress that "such were the songs my mates and entertained ourselves with in KG," asking, "so what's wrong with these kids hearing and learning it?"

Fameye, after a little reflection said: "If I tell you how much my salary was at this school, you'd be sad."

"The kids used to call me Teacher Peter," he recalled. 

When he was asked when he was teaching at the school, he offered "2016, 2017, thereabouts," as an answer. 

The Vodafone Ghana Music Awards (VGMAs) 2022 Songwriter of the Year stressed that his salary was really not good and pressured, he revealed it was "1.5 old Ghana cedis [GHS150]." 

The Ashongman Estate resident had his breakthrough with 'Nothing I Get' released on Wednesday, March 20, 2019.

Source: Benjamin