Monday, 04 December

Great Ampong: Using a condom is like having an abortion

Ghanaian Gospel artiste Isaiah Kwadwo Ampong, alias Great Ampong

Great Ampong has asserted that using a condom is like having an abortion.

Admitting that "condoms are used for protection," he pensively added that: "But at the same time – the thing is quite strange – because if you wear a condom, it's like having an abortion, right? Because it's like you're preventing yourself from becoming pregnant." 

Using a condom "is almost close to an abortion," he stressed.

The Gospel star was responding to Taller Dee asking him if he would accept sponsorship from a condom producer or vendor. They spoke on No.1 105.3 FM's Gospel Showbiz.

"I'd hesitate," Ampong eventually answered. 

Laughing, he added: "It's not criminal and I won't be imprisoned but I would think twice about it."

Even though the Gospel music industry is starved of sponsorship, players therein are notorious for declining sponsorship and partnership with alcohol and condom brands, which are seen as facilitators of promiscuity and immorality. 



Source: Benjamin