Sunday, 10 December

I decided to go secular because gospel music is still crawling – Rex Omar

Legendary highlife artiste Rex Omar

Legendary Highlife musician Rex Omar has said no matter what he does, he would still want to die as a musician.

The artiste also shared why he has remained relevant in the music industry, despite not having any new releases currently. 

Speaking to Nana Otu Darko, on CTV’s morning show, Dwabre Mu, the legendary ‘Abiba’ hitmaker disclosed that his great grandfather was a pastor.

He, however, chose to go into secular music because of the slow growth of the gospel music industry in the country.

“To me, gospel is good word, the good word turned into music. I’m from the church, I’m still in the church but I decided to also get into secular because the gospel music industry even as at now, is still crawling. If you take a look at my albums, there’s no single one without gospel,” he indicated.

Touching on how he has remained relevant in the industry despite not releasing albums lately when the new crop of musicians are constantly releasing songs, the legendary highlife musician said: “There’s a big distinction between these two, the people who have been to music school, and those who do music because it’s their talent. 

“Singing, if it isn’t a gift, you do it once, twice, you come to a halt. For those, it is given as a gift, the music comes to you, you don’t struggle. There are a few artistes like that, so with those, they do music till death.”  

He continued that: “Like me, it doesn’t matter what I do, the work I do and all that, I still want to die as a musician because that is what I am. 

“Sometimes, I listen to my own song and ask, how was I able to write the lyrical content. But it tells you that the music came to me as an inspiration.”

He further disclosed, he has never been to music school but music comes to him naturally.

“I’ve never been to music school, I don’t know anything about music. God just gave it to me, deposited it into me,” the veteran artiste, who has 25 albums to his credit, added.

Source: Adiku