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I used to share a room with dead bodies – Prophet Emmanuel Adjei on humble beginnings, finding God

Prophet Emmanuel Adjei

Prophet Emmanuel Adjei has made a startling revelation about his lodging conditions when he was a boy.

Appearing on Accra 100.5 FM’s Ayekoo Ayekoo, Thursday, February 29, 2024, host Nana Romeo asked how he came to follow the teachings of Jesus Christ, the founder of Christianity, eventually becoming a church leader.

“Hardship and suffering made me a Christian,” Prophet Emmanuel Adjei said.

He noted he was raised in a “very funny – let’s say humble background” of Christians.

In this home, “food was difficult to come by – it was very tough,” he recalled, adding: “My mother could only rent a place where dead bodies were cared for.”

He said the strange accommodation “was in Sekondi,” and “anytime there was a funeral, we had to check out, and return after the ceremony – and this particular family we rented from had funerals every week, because it was a big family”.

Prophet Adjei said he was “about 9-years-old” at this time, explaining these were the days families kept their dead at home in a dedicated room, and not in today’s funeral homes.

While his mother slept outside when a corpse was brought in, he said, he would be in the room “in one [separate] corner opposite the corpse”.

“It was so tough at a point my mother had to go to Cote d’Ivoire leaving me all by myself. I came to realise, then, my only hope was in God,” he said.

The Founder and General Overseer of Prophetic Prayer Palace International, Spintex, he agreed people find their Christian faith under various odd circumstances.

“Someone was chasing a woman, followed her to church, and when they heard the preaching, was touched and decided to abandon their initial plan and chase God rather,” he said lightheartedly.

To buttress, Prophet Adjei recalled once sleeping in a hotel owned by a man called Molefe in QwaQwa, South Africa. 

He narrated: "When I went there, the hotel was new and they gave me their presidential suite because a man of God was coming, they said. I stayed there for three weeks. Something strange happened to the next person who used the room, after I left. I was informed a man came to use the room with his girlfriend. I was told, in the evening, the pair were heard speaking in tongues. They had repented. They initially went there for sexual activities but because I had slept there for three weeks, the grace of God that settled there convicted them – God had come to stay in the room the three weeks I was there. The pair spoke in tongues and became born again right there."

"So, till today, that particular room is not given out to anyone except pastors. This happened in 2013, and it's been so till today. They have my name written there: 'The Prophet's Room'," he said contentedly. 

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