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Jubilee House music video: Security, protocol officials failed not Meek Mill – Stonebwoy

Ghanaian music superstar Stonebwoy on the New York City-based Breakfast Club radio programme

Ghanaian Reggae/Dancehall superstar Stonebwoy, alias 1Gad, has shared his thoughts on American rapper Meek Mill's controversial music video shot at the Ghanaian presidential palace called the Golden Jubilee House.

Stonebwoy was speaking as a guest on a recent episode of the New York City-based Breakfast Club radio programme.

Lead presenter DJ Envy wondered what he thought about Meek Mill's visit to Ghana. 

He first asked about his bike adventures ahead of his Afro Nation performance, on Thursday, December 29, 2022. 

"It's crazy! All those bikers are my boys. They are my brothers. We grew up together," Stonebwoy said concerning the Ghana DC Bike Stars and expressed his joy at seeing them "joining in that vibe" with Meek Mill.

"The hood I come from which is called Ashaiman, that's where you'll find most of the bikers," he added, mimicking riding a bike with verve. "It gives me a lot of joy [to see] that shine that they're getting because, I mean, you represent through the street by those moves [stunts] and it's nice to witness."

He quickly noted that "Ghana is always welcoming and you guys know the vibes we have." He said this to insinuate, it would appear, the liberty and fun Meek Mill had in Ghana riding a quad bike. 

Next, Envy highlighted the not-so-pleasant part of Meek Mill's visit to Ghana which according to is a probable home for Meek's ancestors. 

Stonebwoy stressed that: "Truth be told, I [can't] come to the States and go to the White House and do whatever I want to do except there was a certain amount of leeway that I could do stuff." 

What Meek Mill did, "I don't think it's a big deal," he added. "The internet went crazy [when he shared the video] and he did the best thing he had to do [apologise]."

The 'Therapy' hitmaker expressed the view that it was the protocol team at the Jubilee House who failed to do their work and that the Dream Chasers record company founder and rapper cannot be blamed. 

He said: "For me I think it was the job of the security personnel or protocol [officers] to make sure that," guests do not film and engage in prohibited acts while in the vicinity.

Simply, Meek Mill "[was] excited and [didn't] know the laws, I believe. So he only tried to get the best [out] of his trip," the Bhim Nation leader opined. To him, this was evidenced by the prompt apology.

"Coming out to apologise just shows you his true intentions," 1Gad asserted. 

He also argued that the Philadelphia rapper did not premeditatedly go "to throw dirt on such a place."

Meek Mill visited Ghana's President Nana Akufo-Addo on Friday, December 30, 2022, during which visit he took footage which appeared in a music video he shared on Sunday, January 8, 2023. He subsequently deleted the video when the internet reacted in torrential backlash. 

Ghanaian lawmaker Samuel Okudzeto Ablakwa called the video a desecration. 

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