Thursday, 30 November

KiDi renders apology for old abusive tweets

Ghanaian singer KiDi, known also as Sugar Daddy

Ghanaian singer KiDi has render an unqualified apology for abusive tweets he sent out in the past which were cited by Twitter users yesterday.

The tweets which have been deleted go back as far as 2012.

In some of these tweets, 19-year old KiDi, using the very Twitter account he is using currently, denigrated the President John Mahama, then presidential hopeful Nana Akufo-Addo, actress Yvonne Nelson, rapper Sarkodie and others.

In others, he sent out what appeared to be invectives targeted at various tribes in Ghana.

Initially, reacting to the old tweets which drew assorted responses from social media users and sent his name trending as the ultimate Twitter topic in Ghana, KiDi tweeted a meme of a man who appeared alarmed and regretful with hands on the head.

Today, Thursday, 29 September, 2022, the reigning Vodafone Ghana Music Awards Artiste of the Year has tweeted an official apology.

“Years ago, when I was young and ignorant and didn’t understand the implications and consequences of my words, I tweeted things that were inappropriate and unkind,” he began.

“As I matured, I came to be extremely regretful of these actions and how they affected the parties involved,” he added.

“I want to apologise again to everyone for the statements I made, and use this to remind us all to be mindful of the things we say and how they affect people,” the Lynx Entertainment star artiste urged.

“Let’s be kind to each other [prayer/thankful and blue heart emojis],” KiDi, born Dennis Nana Dwamena, concluded.

In the year 2020, unpleasant tweets from Mr Dwamena’s past ignited fierce reactions on the App. He apologised that year also.   

Source: Benjamin