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Make more money so you can boldly speak the truth – Kofi Karikari encourages Christian leaders

Kofi Karikari

According to Gospel singer Kofi Karikari, because “my core is music,” he does not like to focus on his entrepreneurial half, especially in media engagements.

“When you say the other stuff, people tend to pay more attention to that,” the award-winning singer-songwriter explained his posture.

Even though he said “it’s true” he enjoys making money from his private business, he was adamant to reveal details about it, preferring rather to speak about the value of having a job and pursuing financial independence apart from one’s service as a Christian leader.

In his view, the aforementioned fosters accountability.

The Telecel Ghana Music Awards (TGMA) Male Vocalist of the Year 2024 spoke to Prince Benjamin (PB) on the Class Morning Show on Class 91.3 FM.

“Yes, God is actually a working guy,” he repeated a popular sentiment of his to say, ideally, human beings must consequently work.

“The truth is even when you look at scripture, the book of 1Thessalonians, Paul vehemently states when he went among the people of Thessalonica, he was very much with them but he worked with his hands so that he wasn’t dependent on them,” Kofi Karkari built his premise.

“Sometimes,” if a leader does not do that, they “lose the capacity to tell the truth in love,” he landed his point.

The Meda W'ase hitmaker, however, bemoaned “some people are financially dependent not intentionally – those who are a bit disadvantaged so they are unable to do a thing or two – so then that’s their sole way of having something put on the table”.

“But if you’re not, more or less, boxed in there and God has given you the capacity to find something else to do, it is essential that you pursue it so you’re able to speak the truth in love,” the Saint Augustine’s College and Presbyterian University College alumnus urged.

“So there are some men of God who own businesses [and] do other things so that they can put food on the table for their families and also be able to point out the truth in love because when someone else is feeding you, you’re very careful what you say lest you do not get what you have to eat,” the worship leader said.

“That’s what we try to do,” he stressed why he has a private venture.  “We find something to do with our hands – so that we’re able to independently speak the truth when people are erring and share the truth in love every time.”

Kofi Karikari is an exceptional musician who first came to public notice because of his international hit titled Yahweh.

His latest album, Lifted High, has 12 songs, houses his new hit Something New and has a tribute to Yaw Sarpong’s legacy, Me Nsuro.

Source: Benjamin