Friday, 19 July

Onyimpon Awards launched to honour creative arts people

Stakeholders at the launch of the award

The launch of the Onyimpon Awards took place at the Accra Tourism Information Centre in Accra. 

The Onyimpon Awards scheme aims to honour individuals who have dedicated years to perfecting their skills and talents, using music and arts to communicate with the public.

Mr. Carl Ampah, a representative of UNESCO, highlighted the organization's support for cultural policies and the protection of intangible cultural heritage. 

He emphasized the importance of legal frameworks for artists, particularly in areas such as intellectual property and heritage protection. 

Mr. Ampah praised the Onyimpon Awards for recognizing outstanding achievements in various categories within the creative industries, including visual arts, literature, and more.

He underscored the significant economic contributions of these artists and the role of the creative industry in job creation and societal development.

He stated, "Creativity is a multifaceted construct that influences cognitive, emotional, and societal development. The creative and cultural industries encompass a range of activities that revolve around the generation or exploitation of knowledge and information. 

“This includes advertising, architecture, design, film, TV, radio, software, publishing, and performing arts. These artists contribute significantly to economic wellbeing, highlighting that human creativity is a valuable resource in the 21st century."

Mr. Ampah encouraged the recognition of brilliance in the cultural industry, celebrating the artistry, resilience, and commitment of those involved. 

He also emphasized the importance of preserving cultural heritage sites, which hold historical significance and shape our future.

Madam Betty Kobi, the Marketing Director for the Ghana Tourism Authority (GTA), also spoke at the event. 

She acknowledged the power of creativity in shaping and driving national culture. 

She reiterated the GTA's commitment to promoting and celebrating Ghana's rich cultural landscape, vibrant attractions, and talented individuals who have made significant contributions to the creative industry.

She said, "This award ceremony is a testament to your hard work, dedication, and passion. As we recognize excellence in culture and creativity, we also reaffirm our commitment to supporting the development of the industry. 

“Let us continue to celebrate our culture, support one another, and showcase Ghanaian organizations. Together, we can make the Onyimpon Awards a sustainable success year after year."

Source: Kwadwo Alidjah