Tuesday, 05 March

The Weeknd hopes SZA will re-record shelved “Die For You” remix

The Weeknd (L) SZA (R)

While it’s been six years since The Weeknd’s Starboy album was released, the Toronto singer still maintains hope that SZA might finally re-record her verse for the remix of “Die For You.”

SZA addressed the existence of the remix on a now-deleted Instagram comment where she replied to a user who asked “SZA I know you don’t like rumors, can you clarify this for us??”

SZA then replied⁠—and deleted: “Lmao it’s super old but it does exist. I should re record it.”

Despite SZA’s deletion of the comment, the Twitter account Pop Crave got hold of it, which then made its way to The Weeknd.

In a brief tweet, The Weeknd seemed happy at the idea of SZA re-recording her verse, tweeting out simply “yes please.”

“Die For You” has seen a revival in recent weeks partly thanks to TikTok. As of the most recent Billboard Hot 100 chart, the 2016 song peaked at #12. During its initial run, the song peaked at #43.

SZA’s latest album, S.O.S., is expected to be released in Dec. 2022.



Source: complex.com