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Wendy Shay can survive split from Rufftown due to ‘tough skin’ and ‘digital era’ – Heavy D

Wendy Shay: A still from the Who Care music video

Wendy Shay has “a good foundation” to survive and thrive with or without a record label, Heavy D has said.

The radio star and music executive spoke to Prince Benjamin (PB) on Accra 100.5 FM’s Entertainment Capital.

Wendy Shay “has a thick skin due to all the things she’s endured, in terms of the trolling and everything – she has a thick skin,” Heavy D explained.

He opined it was not strange to struggle after one parts ways with their management of many successful years, adding, however, with tenacity, an artiste could recover.

“Even Michael Jackson diminished a bit after leaving Quincy Jones,” he buttressed. “So once you leave the one who critically supported you and made you popular, you’ll lose the Midas touch, a good bit of it – things will change, including the writing style. It’ll take some time before you can perhaps rise again.”

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Returning to the Shay Gang founder and leader, he said “today’s digital era, ruled by numbers,” could favour her.

“She has definitely built a foundation with a huge following on social media and whatever she puts out, the numbers will reflect on that,” the renowned disk jockey noted. “She won’t be affected much in this regard.”

Heavy D saw how the situation emphasised the need for artistes to be versatile so they could reinvent themselves whenever necessary.

“If you limit yourself, the moment you part with your writer, for instance, you can’t sing,” he said. “Be an artiste who is generally capable.”

“It’s a numbers game at the end of the day,” he added. “So, if I leave for whatever reason… The contract has expired, I want to walk away, I’m moving on without you, who cares? Life goes on.”

Who Cares is Wendy Shay’s latest offering; an Afropop song telling the story of a woman who is walking away from a bad relationship and is confident “because of God, I won’t be destroyed”.

On Wednesday, May 15, 2024, the singer-songwriter announced the song “will not be on the Rufftown Records channel” but rather on “my new YouTube account”. This has sparked rumours she was ending her 6-year relationship with the Bullet-led Rufftown Records.

In a March 2024 interview with Hitz FM, Wendy hinted at a new record company contesting Rufftown for her services.

While Heavy D did not oppose her split from Rufftown, he advised the Survivor hitmaker to ensure it was amicable and her gratitude is clearly expressed for the years together that introduced and established her brand.

“Gratitude is still key. It also depends on how you left the person, too. If you leave on a good note, their blessing could follow you and sustain your success. If not, a rift could affect you,” he said.

Furthermore, for him, in the worst case, if Wendy “decides to return to nursing, she will also not be turned away”.

Source: Benjamin