Thursday, 30 May

Family of Nkpor Mantse Emmanuel Nii Bortey Borketey Ananse I reach out to the less privileged in his honour

Family of the late Nkpor Mantse Emmanuel Nii Bortey Borketey Ananse I on a donation spree in his honour

The family of the late Ga chief Emmanuel Nii Bortey Borketey Ananse I, popularly known as Shooting, has donated stationery items and clothing.

The beneficiaries of the donation include; the St Peter’s Anglican Senior High School (SHS), Nungua and the Assurance Home for Orphans in Teshie.

Also, the family donated reading glasses to the Shepherd Women’s Fellowship of the Nungua St Peter’s Anglican Church.

These donations were done to commemorate 10 years after the passing of Emmanuel Nii Bortey Borketey Ananse I.

The late Emmanuel Bortey Borketey was a visionary, a revered fellow, and prominent man in the Nungua township. To date, his name holds high significance in the Nungua locality, despite his absence in the flesh.

Emmanuel Bortey Borketey, was the founder and proprietor of the prestigious Belfort Preparatory and Junior Secondary School. The school which started as a gathering to teach his children – Yves Bortey Okwang, William Bortey Okwang, Irene Naa Atswei Okwang, Fidel Borkor Okwang, Claudia Borkai Okwang, Meyer Bortey Okwang, Marriette Borley Okwang, Zita Borkor Okwang, Germain Atswei Okwang, Claude Junior Okwang, and Odette Borkor Okwang – was later expanded to impact the larger Nungua community.

Belfort Preparatory and Junior High School would later grow beyond its original vision and became an enviable institution within the Nungua and Teshie municipalities.

The initial intent was to have a model school teaching only French due to Shooting’s long stay in France and his love for the French language, but with time, the institution grew to become one of the best schools in the Greater Accra Region, commonly rated as an elite school.

For over four decades, the school produced a lot of professionals of all endeavors. As one of the first private educational institutions within the Spintex, Lashibi, Sakumono, Okpoigonno enclave, the school attracted students from the West African sub region including Sierra Leone, Liberia, Togo and other nationals on diplomatic mission in Ghana.

Given his fatherly affection and golden heart, Shooting housed recalcitrant students and helped nurture them into model citizens, much to the admiration of most.

Nkpor Mantse Emmanuel Nii Bortey Borketey Ananse I died at 56 in 2013.

His memory and legacy live on in the seeds of knowledge and scholarship which he sowed into the multitudes of students who studied under his proprietorship.

May his gentle and benevolent soul continue to rest in peace.

Source: Okwang, Prince Benjamin