Saturday, 03 June

GA/R: Gbee Womli Apenkwa outdoors sub-chiefs

Nii Adjetey Obuobour II with one of the sub chiefs


The Chief of Gbee Womli Apenkwa in the Adentan Municipality of the Greater Accra Region, Nii Adjetey Obuobour II, has enstooled new sub-chiefs to assist him deliver his mandate to the people of Gbee Womli Apenkwa.

The newly-enstooled sub-chiefs include Nii Okunkor Onsrodza I, Dzaasetse of Abladjei; Nii Sowah Kakra I, Dzaasetse of Gbee Womli Apenkwa; Nii Shipi Shaajo Kondua I, Nii Okunkor I, the Atofotse; Nii Apenkwa I, Oblahii Amantse; Nii Donpreh, the Noyaa Mantse; Sariki Omar I, Obour Bi Sowah, the Okyeame.

The rest are Asafoatse Odi Asempa, Asafoatse Kpe-Kpee-Kpe I, Asafoatse Odumja I, Asafoatse Orku-or-Kor I, Asafoatse Onsroja I, Asafoatse Okujeman I, and Asafoatse Kpakpra-Ku I.

They swore the oath of allegiance to Nii Adjetey Obuobour II.

Speaking at a ceremony at Gbee Womli Apenkwa to outdoor the chiefs, Nii Adjetey Obuobour II counseled them to serve the people with honesty and to desist from activities that violate the customs and traditions of the Gbee Womli Apenkwa people by working closely with the elders in the council.

He advised them not to disrespect the elders and people because they have been elevated but rather engage them for wise counsel to be able to provide progressive leadership for the benefit of Gbee Womli Apenkwa community.

Nii Adjetey Obuobour II added that he is ready to work with the sub-chiefs to achieve better goals in terms of the development of the area.

He called for unity among the chiefs, elders and youth in the area to help propel socio-economic development and growth.

Touching on the issue of land in the Gbee Womli Apenkwa community, Nii Adjetey Obuobour II cautioned the sub-chiefs against engaging in land disputes.

The chief cautioned the people to avoid conflict and advised the youth, in particular, to shun greed.  

Nii Apenkwa I, the Oblahii Amantse, who spoke on behalf of the sub-chiefs, expressed gratitude to Nii Adjetey Obuobour II for the honour done them, adding that they will deliver their mandate.

He pledged to abide by the duties that come with the stool and appealed for support from the sons and daughters of Gbee Womomli Apenkwa.

Nii Apenkwa I also promised to provide good leadership for the community and also protect their lands for them at the cost of his life.