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5 reasons why size matters

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Size, indeed, matters but is it the size of your confidence or phallus?

Firstly, before you look down nervously and wonder if your wedding vegetable is big enough to satisfy your woman, don’t be scared.

I know penis size has been a highly disputed topic for a long time now.

Many men still are convinced that the amount of pleasure and satisfaction increases in proportion to the size of their tool. But is that really the case? Yes, size does matter, but it’s not physical size that is important.

It’s the size of the confidence you bring along when you are in bed.

Too little confidence will leave you unsatisfied

Confidence in bed is a tricky thing, especially if you are not the most experienced sexual partner. If the size of your confidence is too small, consequences in your sex life are inevitable. The reasons for too little confidence are diverse, the penis size is only one of them.

Often, men are also concerned about their looks and if women find them attractive when it comes to sex. “Am I in a good shape?”, “Do I have enough muscle?”, are common questions we ask ourselves.

Another common source of insecurity is us questioning our sexual experience and skill in sexual practices, so that we are satisfactory partners in bed. All these concerns lead to us not being able to be open and free during sex.

Too big a confidence won’t do you any good

If you are an experienced sex life veteran and you have slept with a lot of women, the size of your confidence can increase rapidly.

A huge amount of confidence is good for yourself, but it can be discomforting or even scary for your partner, especially if she is far less experienced than you. When having sex, it’s important to get on the same level and listen to each other.

You have to be willing to learn, in order to not come across as bossy or even abusive.

In bed, dialogue and understanding are key criteria. Remember: Overconfidence satisfies yourself, but it certainly doesn’t satisfy your partner.

Confidence in your partner matters

A man can experience trust issues with his partner.

There are times when the amount of confidence you have in your partner determines how great your sexual encounter will be.

One foundation of good sex is a high level of mutual trust and understanding among lovers.

If this isn’t provided, you may not be able to fully express yourself, your preferences and your dislikes.

Home or away? Location can affect your confidence

The size of your confidence isn’t only dependent on the person you’re having sex with, but also the location you’re having sex in.

Surely, you don’t want to spend half the time fearing an impending disruption or chances of injury. Eg. At the parents’ house or behind a fence.

Talk to your partner if you find a place uncomfortable, as you will be unable to enjoy sex to the fullest in a discomforting place.

Finding the right size of confidence


So in the end, it’s all about balance. When it comes to the size of your sexual confidence, “bigger is better” isn’t always true and small won’t do you any good.  

In order to prevent any frustration or anger, there are a few key things you should do to keep your confidence at an optimal level. Be open to the vulnerability sex brings. Be willing to learn.

Take time and observe your partner and yourself, so that you find out what you like during and outside of sexual situations. Most importantly, don’t be afraid to talk to your partner.

A good conversation about what you like or don’t like sizes up your confidence levels immensely and enforces the bond between both of you. Listen to your partner, but also listen to yourself, your body won’t lie to you.

Sex should be one of the most pleasing and enjoyable experiences you can have. And with your confidence being the right size, it will be.  

Source: Leo Greinwald