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5 times people have been scarred by sex

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Not all sex turns out well

Sex normally is one of the most enjoyable experiences one can have.

It’s not only the natural process of reproduction that ensures the persistence of humanity, but it’s about the pleasure and excitement that comes with it.

Sex is also good for your health, that’s a scientific fact.

It keeps your immune system up and running, gives your libido a boost, and lowers your blood pressure. However, especially in sexual matters, things can get out of hand.

In the following, there are 5 cases in which sex has not only scarred people for life but even beyond that, from court cases over bizarre injuries and even a fatality…

#1: Things get concrete

One couple in North Carolina apparently wanted to kick things up a notch in their sex life.

But the sexual practice they tried went way too far.

4 hours after the incident, the two showed up at a hospital, the man complaining about abdominal pain.

It turned out, he had asked his partner to pump concrete mixture into his anus via a funnel, which of course hardened.

The doctors then took care of the matter, but it doesn’t need to be emphasized that this was a horrendously dumb idea.

#2: Sex once a week? Your honour, that’s not enough.

In 1980, David Mason took his wife to court for limiting sexual intercourse to once a week.

Apparently, she was scared of getting pregnant for the third time.

Initially, Mason actually won the case, but lost on appeal, as the court was unable to mark Brenda’s action as unreasonable. It is unknown what turn their sex life or their relationship took after the court case.

#3: A condom in the wrong place

A young woman from Cameroon went to the hospital after suffering from a very nasty and persistent cough for a long time.

The doctors first suspected appendicitis, but the reason for the cough was much more bizarre: The woman had a condom stuck in her appendix, which she must have swallowed during oral sex, so her appendix had to be removed in an operation.

#4: Playboy being turned town

Rolf Eden, a 77-year old playboy and strip club owner from Germany claims to have taken more than 3,000 women to bed, so being turned away is obviously very unusual for him.

But in 2007, when he tried to embed the 19-year-old teenager Katharina Weiss, he got dumped, even after making her drink champagne.

That infuriated him so much that he tried to sue her for ageism, saying it was a “shattering” experience for him. Of course, he lost the case.

#5: The fatal hickey

And this might be the worst and saddest sex fail of them all because it didn’t only leave the person scarred, but was ultimately lethal.

Julio Macias Gonzalez, a 17-year-old girl from Mexico received a passionate love bite on her neck by her boyfriend while having sex.

The hickey had fatal consequences: it formed into a blood clot, which travelled up into the girl’s brain, where it caused a stroke that ended Julio’s life much too early.

So, these certainly some of the most bizarre sex fails ever, no matter if people were sexually unsatisfied and tried to sue their partner or others having very unlucky accidents in the bedroom.

In the end, sex is a matter of mutual understanding and is not supposed to arouse anger or even hurt anyone.

Taking someone to court because she doesn’t want to sleep with you is beyond delusional and when it comes to sexual practices, don’t be afraid to experiment, but be cautious.

Shoving concrete up one’s anus of course is mortifyingly stupid, so I can only beg: enjoy your sex life but be reasonable.





Source: Classfmonline.com/Leo Greinwald