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Bridget Otoo narrates story about a street hawker saving her life

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Ghanaian media personality, Bridget Otoo

Media personality Bridget Otoo has told a moving story of how a street hawker’s kindness saved her life days ago.

According to a Facebook post she made on Saturday, 3 September, 2022, she’d become sick while driving homeward and was in desperate need of water to stay hydrated. 

The only problem, however, was she had no physical money on her. She only had mobile money (momo) and reasoned, “who would take momo for just 2 cedis water?”

“I began to dehydrate more, I had passed at least 4 bottle water sellers on the Kpone stretch, then I saw this young lady, I whispered that I wanted water and can only pay via momo,” Bridget narrated.

The street hawker seeing the journalist’s dire condition, offered her water but insistently declined to take payment for it.

After drinking the water, washing her face and resting awhile, the Metro TV presenter convinced the hawker to share her number and “drove off thanking God and thinking how this girl saved me in ways she would never know.”

The following morning, the broadcaster phoned the Good Samaritan to thank her and further sent “her momo to show just how grateful I am. She called back, shocked and happy.” 

During the phone call, Bridget found out her saviour from the day before is “an SHS drop out.”

She’s scheduled a meeting with her and hopes to return the kindness by making “an impact in her life.” 

Ms. Otoo ended her social media post with a pithy thought and provided a name for the street hawker: “The people with the least can be so kind. I’m grateful to Portia.”

Source: Benjamin